Academic English – IELTS / TOEFL Lesson – Robotics


Hello everyone! 

After an extended break this blog will soon become much more active once again! This time, however, I plan on sticking around a little longer!

Please find below a lesson plan about robotics that I made from an article in last week’s Guardian. The lesson can be used for anyone with an interest in academic English or preparing for an international English exam.


  • Discussion
  • While-Reading Tasks x 3
  • Post-Reading Discussion
  • Tense Review
  • Adjective noun collocations
  • Describing change
  • IELTS writing part 2 frame
  • IELTS writing part 2 prompt

Look out for a further lessons with model writing answers and strategies for the IELTS reading exam!


Robotics article


Answer Key


Final Robotics


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