Adele- Hello: Listening and vocabulary activities


A collection of listening and vocabulary activities. Students can use this to study alone or teachers can exploit the material more fully in the classroom. This song has so many lexical chunks and collocations it’s hard not to do!

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Lesson and materials with answer key: ADELE Vocabulary Listening with Answer Key


IELTS Listening: Short Answer Questions


Hi everyone!

Here’s another IELTS type listening practice for you. This time, it is based around the US Elections and how they actually work. I hope this is as informative about that as it is about IELTS.

Awareness raising tasks and answer keys are provided. Hope you enjoy it!


Download the lesson: IELTS Listening US ELECTIONS


IELTS Listening: Sentence completion – Films and the brain




Hi all!

Please find an IELTS-style practice activity for the sentence completion task in the exam. Interestingly, this task uses video instead of audio for the task. It would, however, be preferable if you didn’t watch the video first and just listened.

Keep your eye out for more materials like this coming soon!

The video is taken from a YouTuber called BrainCraft. If you’re a member of youtube, I highly recommend that you subscribe to her channel. Some of the videos there are really fun and interesting.

Video: How films control your brain


Good luck!

IELTS Listening sentence completion – Films and the brain